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A non-gambling simulation software to learn to play Craps the right way, with the right rules, right math & right Odds.
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My Craps Game is a simulation software to learn and practice the game of Craps as played in major casinos.

With high realism and accuracy as to the rules and odds of a live Craps game, My Craps Game plays the game with the right rules, the right math and the right Las Vegas odds. No gambling involved, no online gambling involved, My Craps Game is a fun simulation software for practice and learning to get good at Craps.

Play it before you hit the live Craps tables. Learn to get good. Going to Las Vegas? Practice, Baby, Practice.

Designed by a Craps Tournament finalist after much research in the Las Vegas casinos on how Dealers work the game. Its for Craps experts to get really good, trying their styles and strategies. Its also great for newbies to easily learn to play Craps. Find out why Craps players are having so much fun.

Great for trying your Craps Strategy. Use the Dice History and Results log to clearly see "What just happened?". Help on how to play Craps and Videos on How to Win at Craps are provided.

Going to Las Vegas? Practice, Baby, Practice!

My Craps Game is for Mac OS X & Windows computers.

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Mac OS X & Windows versions are priced at $11.77, version 1.4b now available.

New Features for v1.4b


How to Win at Craps Videos

The game designer has produced 3 Video Lessons on How to Win at Craps. Video intro to My Craps Game.

Click on the Video icon to view the How To Win at Craps Video Lessons.



Click above to view a brief Video Introduction to My Craps Game.


Some unsolicited observations by customers of My Craps Game:

Rob - "Great product you have and it's certainly helped me become a better craps player."

Alexander - "A brilliant product for testing new systems."

"This is a very enjoyable application and realistically lets a beginner or seasoned player develop good practicing sessions before doing realistic casino play.  A must buy for anyone who wants to learn this game on an iPad.  Most enjoyable and well developed."

Alan S. - "Your program is outstanding! Thank you for all of your efforts in developing this truly fantastic software."

Bob - "I have enjoyed My Craps Game for years and remain a fan. I met another craps player on Thursday and recommended the package to him for practice."

Rob - "I really love your software - it's the best out there for practicing methods."

Reid - "This is the best, most user friendly craps simulator out there. Keep up the good work!"

John - "I Love your craps game. The history and stats are great."

Alexander - "I love your craps game. it was a great purchase."

Brian - "Thank you for a great game."

Rochelle - "Your game really is the best craps game that I have played thus far.  You are definitely capitalizing on ease of use."

Charles - "I have your awesome software game for craps and I was wondering if you guys had one for roulette as well." (We don't)

John - "I think you’ve created a really cool, useful and fun piece of software. I wish I had it years ago when I learned through hard knocks. Your game definitely will help a new comer develop the confidence they need before putting down hard earned cash."

Michael - "As far as flashy graphics, I've seen a number of games out there, but no one come near yours as playing by the true rules of the game. Pretty much every game out there I've looked at and none holds a candle to yours in the way you adhere to the rules. You have stayed very true to the rules. I don't know of any other game out there which does."

Julius - "I just wanted to let you know that I purchased "your" craps game and I am thoroughly pleased. My Craps Game downloaded easily; runs smoothly; and is extremely fun to play. The board is well-designed and the betting options that you added for play on a computer don't detract from the realistic way the game is played. Moreover, your tutorial and the link to how to play the game succinctly and effectively break down the basics of how craps is played. I've invested in many other gaming programs but my investment in your program has by far paid the best dividend."





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