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iPad VideoMy Craps Game is a computer simulation to learn Game Producers Web Siteto play Craps the right way, with the right rules, the right math and the right Las Vegas Odds. No gambling involved, just a fun computer Craps game. Play it before you hit the live Craps tables, learn to get good. Going to Las Vegas? Practice, Baby, Practice.

ios5News: Oct. 1, 2012. A new version, My Craps Game 2012 1.6, was released as tested and certified on iOS version 6. Good for all iPads. Current version backwards compatible with iPad 1 and 2 with iOS 5.


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My Craps Game 2012 v1.6 works an ALL iPads, including the "New" iPad Retina display model. Like the iPad 2, the new iPad mini employs a 1024-by-768 resolution, meaning all existing iPad apps work with the iPad mini, too.

One App for ALL iPad versions. Easy.

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Click on this image to see a pixel accurate screen shot of My Craps Game 2012 for iPad on the iPad 3.

Craps PlayersOriginally designed in 2007 for Mac and Windows, My Craps Game now has a version for the Apple iPad. Written from the ground up for the Apple iPad by a Craps Tournament finalist after much research in the Las Vegas casinos on how Dealers work the game. Revered by Craps players as a feature rich look at the ancient game, played the right way. While other iPad Craps apps promote 3D/HD graphics, those apps play Craps with the wrong rules, wrong odds & wrong math. My Craps Game gets it right.

My Craps Game 2012 v1.6 is compatible with both the standard iPad (1 and 2) and with the "New" iPad (3) "Retina" format. It looks and plays beautiful on all iPads. See if you can tell the year of the Indian Head gold coins on the Retina display. To see Screenshots on the Retina Display mode, Click Here.

itunes storeMy Craps Game 2012 v1.6 has been approved by Apple, and is now available from the iTunes App Store at $4.99.


Unsolicited customer comments:

"This is a very enjoyable application and realistically lets a beginner or seasoned player develop good practicing sessions before doing realistic casino play.  A must buy for anyone who wants to learn this game on an iPad.  Most enjoyable and well developed."


The iPad is not a personal computer and will run out of Memory.

Simple solution, just reboot the iPad. The iPad will still be running all those Apps, even after a reboot, but now there is room to run My Craps Game and any other App should also run fine. The real problem is that iOS never closes any App! They just keep stacking up eventually the iPad is overwhelmed. Try Double-Tapping the Home key to see how many Apps you are really running at the same time, optionally killing off some unneeded Apps (Hold, hit red -). Less Apps, Less Problems.


Preview the App Help

Review the extensive Help section for all the details of how the game is played and what it can do. This Help section is embedded in the App, so no internet connection is needed.

Designed for Craps experts to get really good as well as newbies to easily learn to play Craps. Great for trying your Craps Strategy. Just swipe your finger across the iPad screen to get a feel for rolling the dice. Use the Dice History and Results log to clearly see "What just happened?". Help and Videos provided on how to play Craps and How to Win at Craps.


Going to Las Vegas? Practice, Baby, Practice!

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New in Version 1.6

These are the features for My Craps Game 2012 version 1.6 for iPad which includes features from the previous product v1.5.

• My Craps Game 2012 version 1.6 now displays a magenta "Halo" arounf the center of a chip when that chip is first touched. Since the user's finger likely covers that Chip, the large magenta Halo helps to indicate exactly where the chip is. This features can be turned on or off in the Options panel.

• My Craps Game version 1.6 is dual mode, meaning it will adjust itself to the standard iPad 1/2 video format or the "New" iPad 3 Retina video format, so that only one App is needed for either format.

• As of version 1.5.1, there is the option to call your Place Bets ON during the Coming Out Roll. The standard everywhere is that Place Bets are always OFF on the Come Our Roll. There is now a button to toggle your Place Bets ON or OFF during the Coming Out Roll.

• The Help section is now embedded so can be viewed without an internet connection. The Help section has been embellished for use of the software on the iPad on iOS 5.

• Preset Bet buttons are now additive. The Pass Line, Dont Pass, Place, Hardway and One Roll have changed functionality from being remove & replace to additive. Instead of knocking down any current bet, the game will now either add a new bet or add to an existing bet.

• Opposite of the above, the Max Odds Preset Bet button will first take down any existing Pass/Dont Pass Odds bet, recalculate the maximum odds, then make a correct odds bet for you.

• Initial tap on Preset Bet without any values entered goes directly to dollar entry panel rather than a message dialog.

• When there are Odds bet on a Come Bet (once on a point), the Odds are kept on the table only when there is an incoming Come Bet of equal value. If not of equal value, Come Bet Odds are returned to the player's rail after a win is paid.

• Option for Max Odds of 20X changed to more common 10X Max Odds.

• Version 1.5 now accepts new or additional Pass Line bets AFTER the Point is established. This is controversial as some casinos do allow this, most casinos don't allow this.

• Fixed bug that allowed Preset Bet buttons to make bets for more than the player's Rail.

• Fixed bug in Cashier panel that only allowed a negative Rail Amount the first time only.

• Fixed bug that was duplicating some Results messages for Come/Dont Come Odds.

• Version 1.4.1 added multitasking / background operations at all times now, with the addition of an [ EXIT ] button to stop the App. This means that when the Home button is hit, the game goes unchanged into the background. Hitting the [ EXIT ] button will close the App while saving all your Preset Bets, Rail, Up/Down amount and setups. An Exit does not save on table bets or History, clearing them to start a new session.

• My Craps Game v1.4.1 now accepts the functionally wrong bet of Pass Line and Dont Pass at the same time. This is controversial as some casinos do allow this, most casinos don't allow this. We don't recommend this pointless manner of betting.


How to Win at Craps Videos

Video intro to My Craps Game.The game designer has produced 3 Video Lessons on How to Win at Craps. Click on the Video icon at left, to view the How To Win at Craps Video Lessons.


Some unsolicited observations by customers of My Craps Game:

Rob - "Great product you have and it's certainly helped me become a better craps player."

Rochelle - "Your game really is the best craps game that I have played thus far. You are definitely capitalizing on ease of use."

Alan S. - "Your program is outstanding!  Thank you for all of your efforts in developing this truly fantastic software."

Alexander - "A brilliant product for testing new systems."

Bob - "I have enjoyed My Craps Game for years and remain a fan. I met another craps player on Thursday and recommended the package to him for practice."

Rob - "I really love your software - it's the best out there for practicing methods."

Reid - "This is the best, most user friendly craps simulator out there. Keep up the good work!"

John - "I Love your craps game. The history and stats are great."

Alexander - "I love your craps game. it was a great purchase."

Brian - "Thank you for a great game."

Phil - "Thanks, great product!"

Michael - "As far as flashy graphics, I've seen a number of games out there, but no one come near yours as playing by the true rules of the game. Pretty much every game out there I've looked at and none holds a candle to yours in the way you adhere to the rules. You have stayed very true to the rules. I don't know of any other game out there which does."

Julius - "I just wanted to let you know that I purchased "your" craps game and I am thoroughly pleased. My Craps Game downloaded easily; runs smoothly; and is extremely fun to play. The board is well-designed and the betting options that you added for play on a computer don't detract from the realistic way the game is played. Moreover, your tutorial and the link to how to play the game succinctly and effectively break down the basics of how craps is played. I've invested in many other gaming programs but my investment in your program has by far paid the best dividend."




Review the extensive Help section for all the details of how the game is played and what it can do. My Craps Game Help for iPad

My Craps Game can be played on the iPad without an internet connection, while the How To Win At Craps Videos are online and do require an internet connection. The Help section is embedded into the App and does not require an internet connection.

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