My Craps Game™ 2012 for iPad v1.6 - How To Play


My Craps Game Basics

To make a Bet Drag & Drop one of the four chips, 100, 25, 5, 1 from the wooden "Rail" area on to the table playing surface in the area of where the type of Bet is shown. Drag & Drop Chips as many times as you like as long as you have enough money in your "Rail". As bets are made and added, the face of the chip will change to show the total dollar value of the bet.
To remove a Bet Just Tap it. Any Tap on the Chip face will Take Down the Bet from the Table Layout. You can Take Down any bet, any time, except Pass Line and Come (when on a point).
To roll the dice Tap on the "Roll Dice" button or swipe your finger along the green playing surface to simulate a physical roll. You can swipe right to left or left to right. Should the swipe action not be responsive, try to plant your finger first, then swipe as the process needs a firm starting position. Tap, then swipe.
Exiting the game

Like every other iPad App, you just hit the iPad Home button to send the App to the background, keeping all your Bets and History intact as the game is really just running in suspended mode. Recall the App by tapping its' Home menu icon or Double-Tap the Home icon and find the App's icon to tap in the Running App list at screen bottom.


New in Version 1.6

• To better present where the chip is that the user has touched, the game now draws a magenta colored "Halo" around the chip's center. This gives the user a guide as to where the chip under their finger is, as the chip is likely covered by the users's finger. There is an Show Halo On / Off section in the Options panel for the user to control if they want the Halo to show or not.

magenta halo


Features inherited from previous versions included in this 2012 1.6 release:

• My Craps Game version 1.5 is now dual mode, meaning it will adjust itself to the standard iPad 1/2 video format or the iPad 3 Retina video format, so that only one App is needed for any format.

• The Help section is now embedded so can be viewed without an internet connection.

• As of version 1.5.1, there is the option to call your Place Bets ON during the Coming Out Roll. The standard everywhere is that Place Bets are always OFF on the Come Our Roll. There is now a button to toggle your Place Bets ON or OFF during the Coming Out Roll. It is recommend to leave your Place Bets OFF during the Coming Out Roll.

• Preset Bet buttons are now additive. The Pass Line, Dont Pass, Place, Hardway and One Roll have changed functionality from being remove & replace to additive. Instead of knocking down any current bet, the game will now either add a new bet or add to an existing bet.

• Opposite of the above, the Max Odds Preset Bet button will first take down any existing Pass/Dont Pass Odds bet, recalculate the maximum odds, then make a correct odds bet for you.

• Initial tap on Preset Bet without any values entered goes directly to dollar entry panel rather than a message dialog.

• When there are Odds bet on a Come Bet (once on a point), the Odds are kept on the table only when there is an incoming Come Bet of equal value. If not of equal value, Come Bet Odds are returned to the player's rail after a win is paid.

• Option for Max Odds of 20X changed to more common 10X Max Odds.

• Version 1.5 now accepts new or additional Pass Line bets AFTER the Point is established. This is controversial as some casinos allow this, some don't allow this so don't get used to it. Most Las Vegas casinos DO allow this.

• My Craps Game v1.4.1 now accepts the functionally wrong bet of Pass Line and Dont Pass at the same time. This is controversial as some casinos allow this, some don't allow this. We don't recommend this pointless manner of betting.


Pushing the iPad too hard

We often hear that customers are not sleeping, instead staying up all night playing My Craps Game. While sleep is good, we are happy to provide an engaging entertainment medium. While all this play is ongoing, the software keeps adding and adding and adding to the History list you can see and many internal lists you can't see. Eventually it will just run out of places to put all this stuff and slow way down. At worst case, you would see this error message: "iOS Low Memory Warning alert!".

Simple solution, EXIT My Craps Game, turn the iPad completely off, wait few seconds and then power it back up. This clears out all the used memory and starts a fresh session. Notice that iOS does not have the sophisticated memory management a desktop computer has. It doesn't like running 99 Apps at the same time or running them for days. Try not to do too much at the same time or push the device for too long. Don't confuse memory (internal RAM) with storage (16GB, 32 GB, etc.). iOS and the software run in internal RAM not on storage. See the "multi-tasking panel" below on ways to manage whats running at the same time.


App Navigation

Like all other iOS Apps, hitting the iPad Home button will send the App into the background which keeps a running version with all your Bets and History intact. Then, you can recall the App by tapping the Home menu icon or by double-tapping the Home button for the "multi-tasking panel", such as:


Just tap an icon to recall the App. To completely close the App, Press and Hold to see the red circle at icon top left, then tap that circle to close. Try to close any unneeded Apps here to conserve system working memory.

Note that on iOS 5.1, the App is essentially always running in foreground or background until you hit the EXIT button which still keeps it in the above "multi-tasking panel" ready to start a fresh session.


Get some Money from the Cashier

Cashier buttonWhen the Game is first played, it starts you out with $1,000 to play with. Should you want more or less money to play with as your "Rail Bankroll", see the Cashier by Tapping on the "Cashier" button at lower left of the screen. You can't make Bets unless you have some money, just like a live game. You can have the Cashier add money to your bankroll any time. The Bankroll will accept a negative number to reduce your Bankroll as well as a positive number to increase your Bankroll. The game remembers how much money you have and your Won/Loss values between sessions.


In the Cashier window, hit the "Reset" button to reset your Winnings / Losses score to zero at any time, leaving you with your initial Bankroll to play with. Your author does this a lot to measure the results of session.


The Two Phases of Craps 

The game is played in two phases, easily identified by noticing the "Puck" marker. On a live table, its about 4 inches diameter, white on one side for ON, black on the other side for OFF. The dealer sets where the puck is on a live table, here the game will set the puck for us.

"Coming Out" - starting fresh with no Point yet established. The puck is on the black side showing "Off" sitting at the top right area of the table.


Pass Line Bet

A Pass Line Bet is the most common Bet and we will start with that by dropping some chips in the Pass Line area. You usually make a Pass Line Bet when in "Coming Out" mode though v1.5 offers the option to make or add to a Pass Line Bet even after the Point is established. This feature is a little controversial as not all casinos allow Pass Line bets after the Point is established. This simulation software does allow it.

If the first roll of a dice is a 7 or an 11 - you win any Pass Line Bet, at even money (1 to 1). This is also called a "Front Line Winner".

If the first roll of the dice is 2, 3, or 12, that's called "Craps" and any Pass Line Bet loses.

If the first roll of the dice is 4,5,6,8,9,10, then a Point is established as that number and the Puck goes on its white side indicating "ON" in the area of the Place number for that Point. You can always tell what Point is being rolled for by finding what number the "ON" Puck is sitting on.

"Rolling for Point" - a Point has been established. A Pass Line Bet wins if the shooter repeats that Point or loses when a 7 is rolled, thats called a "Seven Out".

Once the Point is Established, Bets on the Pass line cannot be removed, but you can Add or Take Down (remove) the Odds bet any time. More on Odds later.

The game in its simplest mode is really about establishing a Point, then either the shooter matches it with some successive roll to win a Pass Line Bet or the shooter rolls a 7 and you lose a Pass Line Bet. After a "Seven Out", the puck is turned to the Black "OFF" side and we start over in the "Coming Out" phase. A simple Pass Line Bet is all most people will play, though as you will observe, there is a lot more to the game.


Pass Line Odds Bets

A standard bet in Craps is to "Take Odds" meaning backing up your initial Pass Line bet with an Odds Bet. While a Pass Line bet only pays even money, an Odds bets pays Odds based on the point, hence the name.

You make an Odds Bet only after a Point has been established. Drag and Drop any of the 4 Chips (100, 25, 5, 1) or any of the Gold Coins (Preset Amounts) to the Pass Line Odds Zone shown here:

The Pass Line Odds Zone

The Pass Line Odds Zone

Should you drop a chip that goes over the Standard Odds Limit (3x,4X,5X) for the Point, the game will say so, tell you why and dis-allow the bet over the limit. The chart below shows what the payout Odds are and their limits as a multiplier. For example: you make a Pass Line bet of $10 when the Point is 10, you can make a $30 (3X) Odds bet. If the Point was 8 and you made a Pass Line bet of $10, you can make a $50 (5X) Odds bet. The game does support additional Odds settings, see Options.

As with most bets, Tap on the Pass Line Odds Bet to Take Down (remove) it, putting the value back into your Rail amount. You can Take Down a Pass Line Odds Bet any time you like, but may never Take Down a Pass Line Bet once a Point is established.

What are those Gold Coins all about?

The Preset Amounts

To be sure, you will not find the 5 Gold Coins that My Craps Game presents on a live table. These are a deluxe convenience feature that playing on a computer offers us. Very simply, each Gold Coin represents the number of Dollars in the box below it. A soon as you Tap on a Gold Coin, it turns into a stack of chips in the amount below it. You then drop that amount on any betting area you like. The default values when the game first starts are shown here. You can easily update those amounts by tapping the dollar box which brings up a numeric keypad. Then, use the keypad to enter in a new dollar number value you prefer. The 5 Gold Coin dollar values are remembered the next time you play the game.

See if you can read the year of issue at the bottom of the Indian Head coin on a Retina Display.


Place Bets ON / OFF during the Coming Out Roll

As of version 1.5.1, there is the option to call your Place Bets ON during the Coming Out Roll. The standard everywhere is that Place Bets are always OFF on the Come Our Roll. There is now a button to toggle your Place Bets ON or OFF during the Coming Out Roll.

At the Come Out Roll, you will see a button like these directly under the Roll Dice button:

Place Off

Place On

The face of the button indicates the current status. To change it to the opposite status, just tap it. Its a toggle, each tap makes its go the other way.

This status always starts a new session as "OFF" and will stay unchanged for that session, until you change it.

What Place Bets ON status means is that your Place Bets will be Paid when hit and Taken Down when the Seven comes, during the Come Out Roll.

What Place Bets OFF (the standard everywhere) means is that your Place Bets are ignored and not in action, during the Come Out Roll.

In a live Casino, OFF is the default, you must actively speak up and tell your dealer that you want your Place Bets ON. Since its a terrible idea, your author has never seen anyone do that, though it is a legal option in most casinos.


The Preset Bets


The 5 Preset Bets we see on the lower left of the table are another deluxe convenience feature that playing on a computer offers us. Tapping any of the buttons instantly places a Bet in an amount you have setup beforehand. Should there be no preset amounts yet setup, as when the game is first played, the game will show an popup window to edit the preset amounts you would like, using the numeric keypad..

To setup any of the 5 Preset Bets, Press and Hold its button for a full 2 seconds. A screen is presented to accept what dollar amount values you want in your Preset Bet. Some only need one dollar amount (Pass Line / Dont Pass), the last 3 have many options.

The Place Number Preset Bets


The Hardway Numbers Preset Bets

One Roll Number Preset Bets

Why does it say 31 FOR 1 on the Layout instead of 30 TO 1???

This a "dont shoot the messenger" deal. Most Las Vegas casinos have opted to show on their layout, one unit more than the true payout, to account for the Bet being left on the Table. We play by House Rules on the House Layout.

My Craps Game remembers all of the Preset Bets, the Preset Amounts and your Win/Loss/Bankroll status when the EXIT button is hit.


The History List

The History list shows what dice were rolled in a most recent at the top manner. As new Roll events occur, the most recent Roll is stacked on the top, pushing the previous Roll events down the list.

A graphic shows what individual die values were rolled and their total Roll value as a single number.

A special color coding is shown for three cases.

The Point Established is shown with a 8 point symbol to the right of the Point number and that row is shown in Yellow.

When a Point "Sevens Out" that row is shown in Red.

When a Point is made, that row is shown in Green.

There is also a summary of Points Made / Seven Outs at the screen bottom right area. These numbers are for the current game session only. The software clears History for the next session when the EXIT button is hit.


Sound On / Off Toggle

The game starts with Sound On as indicated by this graphic button shown at the screen bottom left:

To turn Sound Off - simply Tap this button as a toggle, as indicated by this Sound Off graphic:    

Tap this button again, as a toggle, to turn Sound On.


The Results Box

As the game is played, everything that happens is displayed in the Results Box at the screen bottom, middle. The Results Box shows the most recent thing that happened on top, with the oldest thing that happened at the bottom. This includes Bets made, won and lost, numbers rolled and other things the game is taking care of like Come/Dont Come bet movements. You can scroll this list of data with your finger.


The Status Box


As a sibling to the Results Box, the Status Box will indicate the current state of the game and offer advice on getting your Odds values right if the game see an dis-advantageous Odds bet being made.


The Options Window

Cashier button

Tap on the "Options" button to bring up this Options window.




Free Odds Limit

As the four selections explain, the player can choose to play the default Standard Las Vegas Odds of 3X on 4 & 10, 4X on 5 & 9 and 5X on 6 & 8 as regards the Odds behind a Pass Line number or Come Bet. These Odds are different on Dont Pass and Dont Come Bets as calculated as an"amount to win". See Dont Come Odds for more.

There are some casinos that offer 5X Odds, 10X Odds or even 100X Odds on all numbers to attract players, though they are not too prevalent. The Odds Option selection can be made at any time and is remembered by the Game. Check with your favorite Casino as to what their Free Odds are. The Riviera in Las Vegas is currently offering 1000X Odds!

Auto Come Odds Bet Options

When you have Come Bets (including Dont Come) on a Point without Odds, the game will show you an "Auto Come Odds Bet" button like this yellow button here:

Auto Come bet

The player has control of what the ratios of that Auto Come Odds Bet value will be, as set by 1 of the 3 radio buttons in this Options section. Those choices for what the game should calculate for an Odds bet when this yellow button is tapped are:

Same as Free Odds Limit - uses what ever Odds choice the player has their Free Odds Limits selected as.
Times 1 (Same as the base Come Bet).
Times 2 (2X the base Come Bet).

The "Auto Come Odds Bet" button will appear when there is a Come Bet or Dont Come Bet that does not have an Odds bet with it. This is quite similar to the "Max Odds" button for Pass / Dont Pass Bets, but specialized for Come / Dont Come Bets, though with greater control.

Note that the game will analyze the potential bet and keep rounding up by a dollar, until the correct payout ratio is acheived. So if you see the game auto-posted an unusual looking number like $51, its helping make a math correct Odds bet.

Put a BUY Button on Place 4 / Place 10

This option allows the player a choice of whether the game should automatically put a BUY button on the Place 4 or Place 10 bet, if the bet is $25 or more. This is somewhat standard procedure in most casinos. It's a little complicated, the BUY button pays better Odds (2 to 1) instead of (9 to 5) without it. The catch is there is a 5% commission deducted when the bet is paid. The player can turn off the automated BUY placement with the "I will put it on myself" option.

Take Down Place Bet on Come Out Roll

This Yes or No Option refers to what should happen to an existing Place Bet if its number becomes the new Point on the Come Out roll. Lets say you had Place Bets on the 6 and 8 and a Point of 5 is made, leaving these Place Bets on the table for the next Pass. Then the shooter rolls an 8 as the new Point. Most casino dealers will take down the Place Bet on the 8 and ask what you want to do with it. The Yes option confirms that action. The No Option means DON'T take the place Bet down, leave it alone, so that you have a carryover Place Bet on the new Point, 8 in this example.

Show Magenta Halo on Touch

New for My Craps Game 2012, v1.6. To better present where the chip is that the user has touched, the game now draws a magenta colored "Halo" around the chip's center. This gives the user a guide as to where the chip under their finger is, as the chip is likely covered by the users's finger. In the Options window, the " Show Magenta Halo on Touch" lets the user to control if they want the Halo to show or not.


Note that all Option selections can be made at any time and are remembered by the Game.



My Craps Game™ is a registered U.S. Trademark of Digital Showcase LLC 2007. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.