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You came here first did you? Good. It shows initiative.


Anything mentioned in the Help files of My Craps Game has to do with the My Craps Game computer program only and may NOT be taken as advise on how you should play on a live table with real money. While My Craps Game is a quite accurate model of a live game, don't expect identical results on a live table with real money. You knew that, right?


There is no "magic system" or exact formula for winning at Craps, though many will be happy to offer you information on their way to do it, for a fee, of course. Be suspicious of any "sure to win" system that charges money. Especially if it asks you no make wacky bets like Pass/Dont Pass simultaneouly, Place Bets ON at Come Out, etc. There is some crazy stuff being sold out there to the un-enlightened.

Still, given the lowest House advantage in the Casino at less than 1% on the right bets, a smart, patient player in charge of their emotions can do quite well.

The design goal of My Craps Game is to simulate the same game on the computer as you would find on a live table. In that, every technical effort has been made to have each dice randomly roll 1 through 6. It tries to be as random as nature is. There is no preset sequence, the game generates 400% random numbers. The Game absolutely does not affect the Dice, it doesnt let you win or look at your bets and give you grief. We have had players write that the game is reading their mind and blocking them from winning. No way. Its just a Crap Shoot, baby!


You Will Seven Out. Expect that.

We have seen users write bad reviews stating that they only won 3 out of 5 Pass Line bets, so the game's random number generator had to be "defective" as they expect to win every time. As the natural distribution of numbers is, there will be about 50% to 70% Seven Outs. Same as on a live table. Deal with it that reality.

Last week, your author jumped on a live table and the FIRST SEVEN Shooters Sevened Out. We expect this on occasion. He didn't go whining to the Pit Boss that their random number generator was a piece of "Crap" (there isn't one on a live table, duh). The Seven is King.

Winners know the Seven is coming.
Whiners just whine about it.


The Good Bets and the Bad Bets

Part of the intimidation factor for newbies to Craps is the mind boggling number of things on the table layout. "What is all that stuff and what do I do with it?", they might ask themselves. It turns out that most of "that stuff" is of little or no value. Real winning takes place on the Bets with the low House advantage, those are the "Good Bets".

A simple Pass Line Bet (or Come Bet) House Advantage of 1.51%.

A simple Dont Pass Bet (or Dont Come) House Advantage of 1.36%.

The Pass Line with Odds and Come Bets with Odds.

House advantage on the Pass Line with Odds
1X odds 0.848%
2X odds 0.606%
3X odds 0.471%
10X odds 0.184%

The Dont Pass with Odds and Dont Come Bets with Odds.

House advantage on the Dont Pass Line with Odds
1X odds 0.682%
2X odds 0.455%
3X odds 0.341%
10X odds 0.124%

The Place 6 & 8

A Place bet on 6 or 8 pays 7 to 6 with a House advantage of only 1.52%. Recall that after the 7, the 6 and 8 come up the most.

In comparison:
A Place Bet on 5 or 9 pays 7 to 5 with a House advantage of 4.00%.
A Place Bet on 4 or 10 pays 9 to 5 with a House advantage of 6.67%.  

What are the "Bad Bets"?

Everything Else. Fageddaboudit! Never make a Lay bet and try to resist the Proposition Bets.


The Seven is King 

It's the Seven's world, we're just living in it. The casual observer might think that the frequency of the 11 numbers (2-12) that can rolled be in Craps is about the same for each of the 11 numbers. Not at all. It's the same for the 1 thru 6 on each Die, but the 2 Dies combine for these odds of frequency of numbers.

bell curve

We can see there are 6 ways to roll a Seven, the most of any number at 1 chance in 5, down to only one way to make 2 or 12 at 1 chance in 35. By this chart, Sevens come up the most, Sixes and Eights the next most, and so on...

Knowing these facts is a huge fundamental and the basis of how all Craps Odds and expectations are calculated. The Seven is coming, you need to be ready.

Interesting Fact: On a regulation Die, each opposite face adds up to 7. Look at a Die. The 6 is opposite the 1, the 5 opposite the 2, the 3 opposite the 4. They all add up to 7!


What should I do?

Start with what most people do: a modest Bet on the Pass Line with full Odds is a good way to start. Sparingly, try the 6 & 8 Place numbers, after the Point is established. Any other Bet is a hunch or guess and not reliable in the long run.

Know the difference between having fun and making money in Craps.

Recall that any Bet except a Pass Line or Come Bet (on a point) can be taken down any time you like (Tap on the chip). Try putting up some Place Bets, let them run for 3 or 4 rolls, then take them down. A "hit it and quit it" strategy or playing "dodge the 7".

Max Out your odds

One simple method of Winning is to take advantage of the very small House advantage, with the Free Odds behind a Pass Line or Don't Pass line initial Bet. With just 2X Odds behind a Bet, the House advantage is only about one half of 1 percent. My Craps Game offer the player the option to set the game to allow House Odds for standard Las Vegas Odds (3X,4X,5X) or 5X, 10X or 100X Odds. See Options / Free Odds Limits.

After a Point is established and a Pass Line Bet or Don't Pass Line Bet has been made, the player can opt to bump up the bet with Free Odds. Just Drag & Drop chip(s) to the area directly under a Pass Line Bet or in the Don't Pass Bar, to add a Free Odds bet behind the Pass Line Bet or Don't Pass Line bet respectively.

Find the Max Odds button, the right-most regular button here.

As it states, clicking the Max Odds button calculates what are the Maximum Odds for the existing Pass Line Bet or Don't Pass Line Bet, then places that Odds Bet for you. Assuming you have enough money in your rail to cover that Bet. The game will check that you don't go over the allowed maximum for Odds and tell you if your Odds rations are at a dis-advantage.

If you have $60 to bet with, its way more favorable to make a $10 Pass Line Bet, then $50 Free Odds bet (as the House Odds allow) rather than a flat Pass Line Bet of $60.

Bet Free Odds in multiples of $10, easy to remember

Since the 6 & 8 want multiples of 5 and the 5 & 9 want multiples of 2 and the 4 & 10 don't care at 2 to 1, if you always bet Free Odds in multiples of $10 (5x2) you will always have the right Odds payouts on the Come Bet or Pass Line Odds.


Feeding the Come Line

Another popular and modestly aggressive strategy is to start making Come Bets soon after a Point is Established. See Come Bets

come oddsKeep placing a Come Bet in the Come area until you have two numbers up working for you. For most people, this will be in addition to their Pass Line bet, so you now have 3 of the 6 possible points working for you. The advantage to Come Bets is that you can put the same Odds next to a Come Bet (on a point) as you can behind a Pass Line bet, as its really the same kind of bet. So drop Come Bet Odds in multiples of $10 in the upper area of the point box, right next to the base Come Bet. When the Come Bet hits, put another Come bet up to replace it, so you have 3 points working for you.


But I Seven Out way more than make my Point!

Welcome to the real world of Craps. As the"ways to roll a number" chart just above clearly shows, the Seven is King and the Seven is rolled more than any other number.

My Craps Game provides the bonus feature of the History Log details and the Point Made / Seven Outs tally for you to monitor the flow of the the game. You will find that in the long run, the shooter will Seven Out 50% to 70% of the time. This is normal and expected. You can count on the shooter only making 1 out of 3 passes in the long run. That's why a few points in a row made by a shooter is considered a good roll.

"But that's no good! I'm a winner, I want my Pass Line Bet to win!" - you say. Deal with it.

One way to deal with it is to embrace the Dark Side and bet on the Dont Pass line. The Seven is coming, so you might as well get paid. While the player has an 18.8% advantage over the House with an established Dont Pass Bet, the hard part can be dodging the Sevens and occasional Elevens on the Come Out Roll. The House has an 8 to 3 advantage over the Dont Pass bettor on the Come Out Roll.

A way to counter the Seven on Come Out is to buy "Seven Insurance". That is, make an "Any Seven" Bet that pays 4 to 1 as 1/4 of your Dont Pass Bet. Easy Example: You bet $100 on the Dont Pass line, also bet $25 on Any Seven. If the Seven is rolled on the Come Out Roll, you lose the $100 Dont Pass, but win $100 (4 to 1) on the Any Seven.

As Big Al states: "If the world gives you Sevens, make Seven-ade".

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Q. How do I get to Las Vegas?
A. Practice, Baby, Practice!

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