How To Win At Craps - Lessons 1, 2 and 3

The game designer gives three lessons in How to Win at Craps utilizing My Craps Game, a Craps simulation software presented at These videos are screen capture of live, unedited sessions. Its just a Crap Shoot Baby!




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Lesson 1 - Big Al's Hit It & Quit It style

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Betting with the shooter making Pass Line with Odds and middle Place number bets. (7:15)

Lesson 2 - Playing on the Dark Side - Don't Pass Betting

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Playing on the Dark Side. Betting on the Seven coming and profiting from that. (5:20)

Lesson 3 - Working with Come Bets

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Taking advantage of the best Odds in the house with Come Bets and their Odds. Show the advanced Come Bet features of My Craps Game. (9:54).

Uses the Jan 2011 version 1.3 of My Craps Game.


MCG intro



A video introduction to My Craps Game. (7:36)